Evolving Arts of America encourages youth ages 10-17 to develop their creative potentials through the arts. We provide an environment in which children can feel free to imagine, create, and welcome the arts into their lives. Evolving Arts provides a professional work environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative and respectful of ideas of individuals. We want to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and instill a sense of hope in the future. We at Evolving Arts would also like to empower youth and individuals to establish goals in life and also follow through on commitments. Most of all, we want to surround youths in a caring inclusive learning environment in the arts.


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The Abstract Expression Program the program serves scholars with a passion for the arts through the form of drawing and painting. Scholars become acquainted with the life-size drawings made by the great traditions of American art in rigorous courses that include sculpture and printmaking, to name a few. Scholars learn first-hand how artists execute ideas, starting with planning, implementing and processing the ideas.

The Fashion Program introduces young designers to fashion, which places emphasis on discovering their own unique styles. This helps them learn the technical skills needed to allow them to transform their projects from philosophies to reality. Scholars build fundamental skills in fashion by researching, drawing, garment construction, and machine and hand sewing. Activities guide scholars through the process of developing original ideas, finding inspiration for fashion in the world around them, and responding to the work of other artists and designers.

The Music Program will entitle scholars to learn the basics of music theory: tempo, counting measures and basic song formatting. The methods used include sampling, creating basic melodies and mastering drum patterns. The music production program will use the application “Beat Maker 2”. Apple iPad 2 will be the modern day device used to engage the scholars in all aspects of what it means to be a producer. What drives music production into the digital age is devotion, professionalism and hard work.

The Dance Program covers different genres such as modern, hip-hop, contemporary and ballet. Each session involves goals of comprehending dance terminology and interpreting choreography. Movement phrases formed by scholars are a combination of exercises and improvisation. Within the class, scholars will work individually and together to shape, provide structure and enhance each other’s abilities. Working as an ensemble, the groups will create a compilation piece resulting in teamwork.

The Film and Production Program targets scholars with the passion for learning cinematography and may include filming with live cameras, editing, and assisting with film projects. Scholars will be able to gain knowledge in the film industry by studying the history of film while experiencing writing scripts, filming, and editing scenes. Scholars will meet writers, directors, and actors as they learn.